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Wednesday, May 21, 2014 - by Kimberly French

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While all my friends and family were consumed with California Chrome’s odds for triumphing at Old Hilltop, all I could think about was Sebastian K taking on Market Share in the Cutler.

Unfortunately, I was unable to watch his Cutler elimination in world-record time live, but I was able to catch Market Share’s mile.

I’ve been a fan of Market Share since early in his 3-year-old season, when he seemed to have so much upside and I always enjoy viewing 3-year-olds blossom, but when I saw Sebastian K on video after Market Share’s prime time performance, the wind was knocked right out of my lungs.

Jason Lisa Photo
Sebastian K won his Cutler elimination "effortlessly," according to the author.

This stallion is one of the most gorgeous Standardbreds I’ve ever laid eyes on and it was not just his physical splendor that awed me, but his attitude. He trotted that world-record mile so effortlessly and cleanly it did not seem possible he was going that swiftly.

For me, "Chromie" was on the back burner and all I could envision all week was witnessing the first sub-1:50 mile in trotting history in the final. Of course I ruminated on how I could get there to see it live, but I had Thoroughbred commitments and after all, it is Triple Crown season.

Therefore, I resigned myself I would have to watch this one on streaming video and after being rather grumpy about it, decided I was lucky to have the technology to witness it at all. I’ve been excited about watching a lot of harness racing over the years, but I don’t think I have anticipated a race this much since Somebeachsomewhere’s Meadowlands Pace.

We all know how the race turned out. Market Share making that kind of break on the first turn? Whoever, would have thought that? But after it all, it is racing and anything can happen.

The star of the show, however, was certainly Sebastian K. The stallion glided over the ground with his tail lifted high and ears pricked. There is no doubt in my mind he could have went much faster if asked but it wasn’t necessary.

So how scintillating is it to begin the season with a horse of this magnitude and the feeling the sky could be the limit? In my opinion, words cannot explain how thrilled I am with the prospect of meeting this horse in person and have the privilege of watching him on the track.

The great ones always have something special about them and they seem to know they walk in rarefied air. For Sebastian K this aura translates through streaming video and evokes the emotion when you are viewing something you might not see the likes of ever again.

Superhorse? There’s a still a long season ahead of him, but I would stake my claim on yes.

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