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Thursday, May 01, 2014 - by Tim Bojarski

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I recently drove my cyber car to the Google Play Store, parked in the cloud and vicariously roamed the virtual aisles in search of some new harness racing tools to use on all my gadgets. It didn’t take long before I ran across some really cool AND FREE apps that put even more racing at my fingertips both on my phone and tablet. Here is a look at what was in my cart just before I hit “install.”


ATG is the Swedish Horse Racing Totalisator Board and their app is called ATG Vision. This free app offers on-demand service with media and replays of the main races of Swedish Horse Racing. Results are displayed for each race and new content is added every day to deliver a great horse racing experience at your fingertips.


Its features include video replays archived from the past seven days, results of each race replay and coverage shows of Swedish horse racing with the latest news from expert analysts. It also has a watch list that notifies you when something is available to watch, a search feature to support you and an introduction to Swedish harness racing tutorial including trainer and driver profiles.


You can see all the top Swedish trotting talent from the 35 tracks in the country that include Solvalla, Jagersro, Aby and Eskilstuna.  The video is full screen on your tablet and appears to be HD too! You have to check out some of the 15 horse races that utilize what they call a “circular volt start” where three groups of five horses spin around in front of each other before turning to go, without a car!


Travbevakaren (which translates to Travelodge Guardian) is a companion app that keeps track of horses and drivers. It tells you when a horse has been entered in a new race, is changing driver and the result after the race. You can track up to 50 horses and drivers and see information about other races the horse has run and the next one it is in. You can even enter your own notes.


These are great apps and allow you to follow some of the best trotting in the world and top European horsemen like Stefan Milander, Stig Johansson, Bjorn Goop and Johnny Takter.


I’m not going to lie to you; there is a language barrier to overcome. But it didn’t take me long to figure out what I needed to and I was enjoying watching the races in very short order.


Back stateside, the USTA has a new app available called “Horse ID.” You can search their extensive database for information on just about any horse from any era, much like you can on Pathway. It provides you with information like foal location and date, sire, dam, freezebrand, markings, color, and current owners. It also provides a convenient link to Pathway if you want or need more information.


And finally, something every horseman or fan should have; and electronic stopwatch. “Harness Racing Timer” is an application for timing harness horse races. It allows you to use the conventional fifths of a second-four quarter time or switch to kilometers. It also includes a converter to and from mile times. It’s a handy tool to have as you watch your horses warm up at the track.


Happy racing!

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