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A round of applause
Tuesday, December 31, 2013 - by Frank Cotolo

At the end of each year, other than taking one look back at the mishegoss that has defined my life through six decades, I take a focused look at my record as a harness horse bettor and consultant from the past 12 months. This is entirely separate from any connection I have inside the industry. It’s a review of my performance as a participant in the pari-mutuel arena.

That being so, the only measures of success or failure are the horses that assisted in keeping me even or giving me a profit through the season. So, as a player, that lone character that stalks the public to find how he can sensationalize upon their handicapping mistakes, when the season ends, there is only applause for those horses that supplied the best results.

Over the years as a player and a consultant to players at top ADW sites, I have always announced my personal horses of the year using the sole achievement of win-mutuel price. While calculating my wagering records over the past 12 months, I list the high-priced horses that won, which could be documented in my writings. I don’t list any other, personal successes because they cannot be documented. It is important for more than bragging rights to have records of these horses for my business. Now, it being the final days of a year, I have announcements to make in public.

My Players Horse of the Year is Do You Wanna Rumba. On March 8, 2013, the 6-year-old George Scooter-Tyler’s Melody bay mare was one of my choices released for that weekend as a valuable win wager. The Kevin S. McQuinn-bred-and-owned pacer won at Lebanon Raceway and paid $109.40 to win. It was a common race, a non-winners of $250 per start, fillies and mares, with a purse of $1,800. But it was the highest price a winner paid for me all year.

Her competition, which may have further increased the bankrolls of my readers, included Puretown Athena, $56.00; Diditagain Hanover, $52.50; Bubba McGee, $51.00; Rocknroll Band, $50.00; Loco For Cocoa, $45.80; Southwind Sydney, $39.20; Catmando, $37.20; Sign Of The Moment, $36.80; D’orsay, $36.60; JJ’s Current, $34.20; TE’s Zenyatta, $32.40; Red Star Cashflow, $31.70; Our Dragon King, $31.00; My Tryin Ryan, $30.00; Dukeofhazard, $27.60; Fancy Foxy, $26.40; Casimir Jitterbug, $26.00; Blue Boy Yankee, $25.60; Super Railee, $25.60; Incredible Gambler, $25.00; Lindy’s Tru Grit, $25.00; CCs Lover N, $24.20; Native Roots, $23.20; Ballykeel, $23.00; Pro Perfect, $22.80; She Shell Cruise, $22.80; Indian Creek Kate, $22.20; Sun On The Rocks, $22.20; Bagel Man, $22.00; Martini Hanover, $22.00; Ms Heather M, $22.00; Economy Terror, $21.80; Gee Up, $21.60; Grin-n-scoot, $21.60; Rocknroll Band, $21.60; Servuga, $21.60; Candy’s Pool, $21.20; Garland Becky, $21.00; Dabestleaderever, $20.60; Super Manning, $20.40; Wizkey Road, $20.20; and Bring It All, $20.00, which were just the winners at 10-1 and up. There were 44 others that paid $10 up to $20 and many more below and up to $10. The winners came from an array of raceways across North America over 12 months.

Yes, some of this is for bragging rights but it is also to inspire everyone playing in 2014 to keep records, play with courage and always for profit. Happy New Year.

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