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Cotolo’s Picks: April 13 BmlP
Thursday, April 11, 2013 - by Frank Cotolo

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Frank Cotolo offers his picks for the $20,000 Pick-4 at Balmoral Park on April 13, part of the USTA Strategic Wagering Program.

Balmoral Park Pick-4, Races 10-13, Saturday, April 13, 2013

Making mistakes, unfortunately, will happen no matter how many times you do anything or how much you know about anything. Last Saturday we hit three of four in the Pick 4: Holy Chip ($8.20, leg two), Bubbler ($5.60, leg three) and Le-Sinenuse ($16.60, leg four). So what happened to leg one? We handicapped race six instead of race 10, so winning or losing was moot. We cannot explain how we mistook race six for race 10; if we could it would not have happened. The saving grace for the $8 ticket was that it only paid $165 and we had a plus $12.60 day due to the one win we could play. You are going to make mistakes, it comes with the territory, but we apologize if that cost any of our readers money.

$2 play 4/1/37/3 = $4


Race 10: (4) NJ’s Big Deal was set to be a strong entry at Maywood after four powerful races but comes to Crete. Perhaps it’s because he has had some trip troubles on the four turns and wants to use what is obviously a strong brush to put a field like this in its place. A good price is reckoned either way.

Race 11: (1) Tuff Longport comes back for us after sharing a leg with our big winner last Saturday. He looks fairly safe to be a single and may be overlooked more than his last two races simply because he failed to live up to the odds.

Race 12: (3) Bella Sophia has raced far better than her odds the last two times among this ilk and will offer better chances to win here than in either of those events. (7) Lady Lakers will be dangerous coming back to Crete after bombing at Hoosier; she was all out on March 24 but got stuffed in the outer lane, losing ground but still getting third.

Race 13: The horse we chose in the wrong race for the Pick-4 last week was (3) Somecam and we are going with him here. He broke at the start in that event, his first for new trainer Gerald Longo, who is scheduled to drive him again as the gelding stays stepped up from the claim. The price will be right and if Gerry keeps him loose and pacing, the Cambest product has every right to bombard this group with speed.

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