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February 2017 Hoof Beats

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February 2017 issue


Utter Dominance
Trotting sire Muscle Hill topped all categories in 2016
by Melissa Keith

Getting in Foal
Breeding Basics series offers more tips for increasing conception rates
by Marvin Pave
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Peter Prolific
Peter The Great is the key to the modern Standardbred
by Willy Klaeson


Director's Chair
Changes to Occur: What will 2017 bring for harness racing?
by Ivan Axelrod
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Under Wraps
Keep on Racing: Cold-weather racing can cause consternation between track officials and horsemen
by Tim Bojarski

Trot Lines
Social Perceptions: Bettors need to feel they are getting a horse's best effort
by Bob Marks

Mutuel Feeling
The Long Run: Wagering for profit does not require a large bankroll

by Frank Cotolo

Numbers by Hollywood
Divisional Darlings

Here They Come
Speedy Crown: Still No. 1

Profile: Pine Chip
Checking In: Legendary trotter still 'King of the Barn'
by Willy Klaeson

Profile: Colin Boyle
Colin's Gift: Autistic teen finds encouragement from Standardbred industry
by Steve Montemarano

Tack to Track presented by JACKS
Hoof Work: How to prevent and treat soreness in feet
by Casie Coleman and Nadine Bell
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Life After Racing
Airborne, Again!: Driving horse gets creative around an obstacle
by Charlotte Gelston
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Horse Care
Real-Time Diagnosis: New imaging technology could revolutionize veterinary medicine
by Kimberly French

Equine Clinic
Not Fit for the Field: Pacing gelding Winter Night keeps coming back to race
by Charlene Sharpe

Shoeing News
The Bruise Brothers: Hoof bruising is common, but not normal
by Steve Stanley
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First Turn
by T.J. Burkett

Starting Lines

Fast Track

Program Notes

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