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April 2015 Hoof Beats
Thursday, March 19, 2015 -

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April 2015 issue


Expecting Greatness
Mission Brief tops Hoof Beats Comprehensive Trotting Predictive Rankings
by T.J. Burkett

Super Freak
History-making filly Mission Brief gunning for Hambletonian glory
by Dave Briggs
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Surprise Standout
Divisional winner Pinkman went from breaking bad to trotting good
by Ken Weingartner

Diamond in the Rough
Trotting colt Muscle Diamond saved his best for last
by Lauren Lee


Watching the Wheels
Worldwide Ventures: USTA staffers to take the lead on global projects
by Mike Tanner
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Under Wraps
Ship Happens: Some horses have a long journey before their first race mile
by Tim Bojarski

Trot Lines
All Trotting, All the Time: Harness racing needs its own channel
by Bob Marks

Mutuel Feeling
Pick Two Losers: Further study into the playability of the trifecta wager
by Frank Cotolo

Here They Come
Hey, It's a Party!

Profile: John Washington
'Some Kind of Serenity': Blind trainer and breeder is more hands-on than ever
by Lauren Lee

Profile: Wimbourne Hanover
Little Winner: Precocious trotter proves that size doesn't matter
by Charlene Sharpe

Horse Care
Healing Beam: Laser surgery can be used to treat myriad ailments
by Kimberly French

Life After Racing
A Revelation in Harness: A Standardbred wins over another horseperson
by Charlotte Gelston and Sheila Oates
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Equine Clinic
Hindleg Setbacks: Mare trotter Bethann overcomes common hock issue
by Kimberly French

Shoeing News
Glue Addiction: Hoof adhesives should be used judiciously
by Steve Stanley
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First Turn 
by T.J. Burkett 

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