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December 2014 Hoof Beats

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December 2014 issue


Best Shots
First online Hoof Beats Photo Contest boasts 256 entries
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End of an Era
Remembering New Jersey's Perretti Farms
by Jane Meggitt

Legislative Agenda
A good relationship with government is crucial to keeping slots revenue
by Dave Briggs
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As I See It
Setting the Standard: A word on testing, trotting and top horses
by F. Phillip Langley

Under Wraps
Winning Promotions: A look back at Back to the Track 2014
by Tim Bojarski
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Trot Lines
The Perretti Years: Remembering a quarter century at the forefront of the breeding industry
by Bob Marks

Mutuel Feeling
Catch Cold: Part two of the courageous wagering system calls for straight combos
by Frank Cotolo

Here They Come
Herbie Fully Loaded

Profile: Jeff Epstein
Crossing Over: Owner and handicapper makes a late change to harness racing
by Robert Lieberman

Profile: Wildcats Terror
Racing Oddity: Gelding races on trot and pace on same day
by Charlene Sharpe

Horse Care
Gait Analysis: Lameness Locator helps pinpoint the source of the limp
by Kimberly French

Life After Racing
Misadventures Teach Lessons: Six tips for driving Standardbreds safely
by Charlotte Gelston

Equine Clinic
Can't Pin Him Down: Trotter Perfect Twenty One has been a fighter since foaling
by Kimberly French

Greener Pastures
Farewell to Friends: Hoof Beats remembers those horses that left us in 2014
compiled by T.J. Burkett

Grandstand View
Remembering Roosevelt: A behind-the-scenes look at the new Roosevelt Raceway book
by Freddie Hudson

Shoeing News
Unchecked and Unchanged: Stay diligent with shoeing, even during a win streak
by Steve Stanley
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First Turn 
by T.J. Burkett 

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Starting Lines

Fast Track

Program Notes

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