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February 2013 Hoof Beats
Wednesday, January 23, 2013 -

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February 2013 issue

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Stay or Go?
U.S. breeders in Ontario have a tough decision ahead
by James Platz

The Gait Gene
Gene mutation allows horses to trot and pace faster and longer
by Denise Steffanus

Unsung Hero
Pacer keeps hope alive for striken trainer
by Lynne Snierson
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Director's Chair
Finding Common Ground: Industry-wide cooperation a 2013 goal
by Ivan Axelrod
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Mutuel Feeling
Defining Class: Tackling one of the vaguest variables in handicapping
by Frank Cotolo

Trot Lines
At the Risk of Sounding Redundant: Breeders seeing fewer incentives to raise horses
by Bob Marks

Dean's List
Dream Come True: A champion mare begets a champion filly
by Dean A. Hoffman

Here They Come
All Bundled Up

Profile: ABC Mercedes
Easy as ABC: Hard-hitting trotter made Hoosier history
By James Platz

Profile: Walt Layfield
Back for More: Driver finds winner's circle after 10-year hiatus
by Charlene Sharpe
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Grandstand View
Farewell, Judge Russell: Remembering the rich life of Hall of Famer Walter Russell
by William E. Miller III
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Equine Clinic
'A Real Fighter': Pacing colt overcomes pneumonia, laminitis to become Florida champion
by Kimberly French

Where Are They Now?
American Dream: Longtime harness maker Jack Balahtsis has retired
by Tom White

The Classics
One of a Kind: Su Mac Lad was one tough older trotter
by Dean A. Hoffman

Shoeing News
Weights and Measures: Toe weights on trotters have decreased in popularity
by Steve Stanley
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Winner's Circle
Trick Horse: Royal Troubador gelding does it all
by Jessica Oberhauser


First Turn 
By T.J. Burkett 

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