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January 2013 Hoof Beats

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January 2013 issue

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Back in the Black
Embattled trotter Chapter Seven proves a worthy asset
by Kimberly French
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Liv Loves the Races
Harness racing changes the life of autistic girl
by Melissa Keith
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Exchange of Pace
There's a new wagering format in the wings in California
by Bill Eichenberger


Watching the Wheels
Topics Du Jour: Al look back at the topics discussed at the first Harness Racing Congress
By Michael J. Tanner

Mutuel Feeling
Get Organized: Use the New Year to set up your harness wagering business
by Frank Cotolo
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Double Gaited
Classified Information: Handicappers benefit when race conditions are standardized
by Tom LaMarra

Dean's List
The First 2:00 Mile: Should an historic record have an asterisk
by Dean A. Hoffman

Here They Come
Month by Month

Profile: Cam's Rocket
Rocket Fuel: Journeyman sire throws champions--regardless of gait
By Charlene Sharpe

Profile: Helene Gregory
Horse Crazy: New Jersey horsewoman is bringing monte racing to North America
by Jane Meggitt
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Equine Clinic
Bad Mouth: Trotter Master Pine recovers from serious jaw fracture
by Kimberly French

Passing Time
'Dean of Colt Trainers': Hoof Beats looks back on the life of Ben White
by Anne Rutter

The Classics
Globetrotting Trotter: Regally bred Supergill had big shoes to fill
by Dean A. Hoffman

Shoeing News
A Bad Break: Early intervention is key when dealing with coffin bone fractures
by Steve Stanley
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First Turn 
By T.J. Burkett 

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