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USTA, Hoof Beats honored by American Horse Publications
Monday, June 21, 2010 - by T.J. Burkett, executive editor, Hoof Beats

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Columbus, OH --- The USTA's online video efforts were recognized Saturday night (June 19), as "A Day in the Life of Jody Jamieson," a video journal of driver Jody Jamieson's 2009 North America Cup Day, earned first-place honors for Online Equine-Related Video at the American Horse Publications Conference in Lexington, Ky.

"Excellent mix of sound effects with dialogue and tight and long shots," said the judges. "Despite overall length, which could put off some viewers, video was captivating because of its honest portrayal of Jamieson."

Earning third-place honors in the same category was the Aug. 13, 2009, edition of "Eye on Harness Racing," the USTA's weekly online video show.

"Video work is excellent, mixing in race shots, crowd shots and interviews," said the judges.

Rich Johnston shot and edited both pieces. John Pawlak was the host of "Eye on Harness Racing."

Hoof Beats magazine was also well-represented, earning several minor honors, including a second-place award in News Reporting: Related Feature Story for "Racing and the Recession," from the November 2009 issue.

"A nice, comprehensive look at the myriad effects the economy has had on the horse racing industry," the judges said of the Jason Turner piece. "Usually the segmented approach the author took would be problematic, but here it works to the benefit of the reader, allowing the effects on separate -- though related -- parts of the industry be understood more clearly."

Coverage of the 2009 Hambletonian in the September issue earned second-place honors for Event Coverage Design, while its editorial content earned a Honorable Mention. Gena Gallagher designed the pages while Nicole Kraft wrote the bulk of the copy.

"The job has been beautifully executed," said the judges. "From page 1 right through page 23, the reader would never wonder if he had reached the end of the story because the flowing design elements are so strong."

Photographer Mark Hall was awarded second place for his photo of pacer Well Said and trainer Steve Elliott, titled "A Special Bond," in the October 2009 issue for Open Editorial Human-Animal Bond Photograph. Hall also earned Honorable Mention for the photo "Dashing Through the Snow" from the December 2009 issue.

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