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March 2017 issue


Always B Miki battled to top honors in 2016
by Melissa Keith | photos by Mark Hall

Leaders of the Track
Honoring the Dan Patch Award winners of 2016
by Jack Futty | photos by Mark Hall
Selling an Experience
TheStable.ca looks to bring racehorse ownership to the general public
by T.J. Burkett

Miracle of Birth
Breeding Basics series covers delivering healthy foals
by Marvin Pave
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As I See It
Stepping Down: Some thoughts on the industry after 14 years of leadership
by F. Phillip Langley
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Under Wraps
The Red Queen: Short-tempered mare Lou Dillon was the first to trot in 2:00
by Tim Bojarski

Trot Lines
Slots 'R' Us: Hold onto alternative gaming revenue--while we still can
by Bob Marks

Mutuel Feeling
Ternary of Talents: A successful horseplayer needs to be a handicapper, bettor, and accountant

by Frank Cotolo

Statistical Edge
Chart Your Biases: Use a 'Moneyball' approach to handicap objectively
by Bob Gardner
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Numbers by Hollywood
Soaring 20s

Here They Come
Flying High Again

Profile: Hannelore Hanover
Trotting with Attitude: Connections of world champion mare have big plans for 2017
by Charlene Sharpe

Profile: Allison Conte
Mobile Maven: USTA social media manager shares love of racing online
by Ellen Harvey

Tack to Track presented by JACKS
Hoof Work: How to prevent and treat soreness in feet
by Casie Coleman and Jeff Kemp
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Life After Racing
Invisible Bond: Blind horse places full trust in longtime owner
by Charlotte Gelston
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Horse Care
Microbes to the Rescue: Probiotics help horse health and performance
by Toby Raymond

Equine Clinic
'Magic Man': Trotter Herbie L overcomes "carpal tunnel syndrome"
by Kimberly French

Shoeing News
Climate Change: Weather swings call for moderation when trimming feet
by Steve Stanley
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First Turn
by T.J. Burkett

Starting Lines

Fast Track

Program Notes

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Photo Finish

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