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October 2014 issue


100 Years in Harness
Harness manufacturer reaches centennial milestone
by Jason Turner
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Desperate Situations
The human face on the Ontario slots crisis
by Dave Briggs

'Upward Spiral'
Hollywood gaming at Dayton Raceway set to open
by Tom LaMarra


Watching the Wheels
Democratic Process: Now is the time to discuss and comment on rule change proposals
by Mike Tanner
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Under Wraps
New Era: New England horsemen hopeful about turnaround
by Tim Bojarski

Mutuel Feeling
Getting Exotic: Taking courageous wagering to multi-horse bets
by Frank Cotolo

Here They Come
Old Digs

Profile: Greg Blanchard
Other Side of the Fence: Track manager focuses on wagering
by Lauren Lee

Profile: Just A Jolt
Jump Start: Governor's Cup champ makes First Staters proud
by Charlene Sharpe

Horse Care
That's Cold: Cryotherapy can be an effective treatment for laminitis
by Kimberly French

Life After Racing
Keeping Pace: 'Happy' gelding pulls whatever he's hooked to
by Jan Quimby

Ask the Judge
Post the Photo!: Judges need time to determine photo finishes
by Scott Egger

Equine Clinic
Looks are Deceiving: Gelding trotter Datsyuk skates through shoulder trouble
by Kimberly French

Shoeing News
Vital Signs: Get a feel for your horse's health by checking pulse and temperature
by Steve Stanley
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USTA Focus
Proposed Rule and Bylaw Changes 2015

Treasurer's Report


First Turn 
by T.J. Burkett 

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Starting Lines

Fast Track

Program Notes

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Horsemen's Shop

Advertisers' Index

Photo Finish

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