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September 2014 issue


Patience Pays
Trixton wins the 89th Hambletonian
by T.J. Burkett

Advancing the Breed
Breeders, buyers eagerly await yearlings by first-crop sires
by Dan Hope

Are You Covered?
Equine insurance protects against the unexpected
by Charlene Sharpe

Grand Prix
Revival of Prix d'Ete highlights Quebec's racing resurgence
by Melissa Keith


As I See It
Moving into the Future
Much is happening in racing, both on and off the track
by F. Phillip Langley
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Under Wraps
Trotting Tradition: The Delaware Coutny Fair boasts history beyond the Jug
by Tim Bojarski

Trot Lines
The Coupling Dilemma: There's renewed interest in common-interest entries
by Bob Marks
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Mutuel Feeling
A Profitable Pace: Look past just picking winners for successful wagering
by Frank Cotolo

Here They Come
Under Saddle, Under the Lights

Profile: Tina Dale Brauti
Eye for Quality: Norwegian opthamologist keeps a high-class string of horses
by Kimberly A. Rinker

Profile: Rock Hollywood
Rolling Stone: Psychic Spirit gelding is a true globe trotter
by Tim Jones

Horse Care
Infamous Element: Regulators, researchers working to determine dangers of cobalt in horses
by Kimberly French

Ask the Judge
What's Taking So Long?
Explaining long delays during judges' inquiries
by Scott Egger
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Passing Time
Blue Chipper: Hoof Beats remembers Bill Brown
by Dan Hope

Equine Clinic
Survivor: Pacing colt Sopravvisuto is part of the 1 percent
by Kimberly A. Rinker

Shoeing News
Change the Channel: Shoe each horse as an individual for optimal success
by Steve Stanley
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First Turn 
by T.J. Burkett 

Starting Lines

Fast Track

Program Notes

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Photo Finish

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