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Running Down a Dream
Bob Carson takes new owners from sales ring to turnout
written by Bob Carson

May 2014 Hoof Beats

May 2014 issue



Behold Her
Precocious Beauty vaults to top of first-ever industry-wide pacing earnings rankings 
by T.J. Burkett

Thing of Beauty 
Precocious Beauty is the latest in a bevy of attractive fillies 
by Lauren Lee
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Sight to Behold      
All eyes are on top pacer He's Watching in 2014     
by Dave Briggs
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Stroke of Luck
Connections of Luck Be Withyou have benfitted from good fortune 
by Ashley Mayotte
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Director's Chair
Benefits of Ownership:
Why owning harness racehorses just makes cents
by Ivan Axelrod
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Under Wraps
Roaring Back:
Reviewing the new Grand Circuit
by Tim Bojarski

Driving Handle
Get on Camera:
YouTube offers harness racing a marketing advantage
by Joe Scurto 

Mutuel Feeling
Blinded by the Stars:
Stakes races are hotbeds for overlays
by Frank Cotolo

Here They Come
Big Mare

USTA Focus
Big Plans:
USTA board meeting unveils several far-reaching initiatives, including online entries and social media
by Dan Leary

Profile: Shawn McDonough
Patience Pays Off:
Everythnig is now 'A-OK' for New York reinsman 
by Brian J. Mazurek

Profile: Jesse's Messenger
Reluctant Mother:
Trotting mare just won't quit racing
by Kimberly A. Rinker

Ask the Judge
Passing Judgement:
The passing lane (sort of) demystified
by Scott Egger

Where Are They Now?
He's Been Everywhere:
Race official Gary Buxton went where he was needed
by Tom White

Equine Clinic
Chip In:
Cool Card needs frequent respites to rest his knee
by Kimberly French

Shoeing News
On Their Toes:
Injured heels take time to heal
by Steve Stanley
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First Turn 
by T.J. Burkett 

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Starting Lines

Fast Track

Program Notes

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Editor's Note: The views contained in this column are that of the author alone, and do not necessarily represent the opinions or views of the United States Trotting Association.

Bob Carson
Hoof Beats Magazine About the Author
Bob Carson's award-winning freelance writing has appeared in more than two dozen national publications. He is a steady contributor to Trot Magazine, The United States Trotting Association and Timeline Magazine. After more than 200 magazine articles and stories, his first novel, The Voyage of Mess (humor) was released in 2009. In 2005 he produced the documentary film, Touching Home (Minor League Baseball). In 2006 he received the Hervey Award for Journalistic Excellence and Best of Ohio Fiction awards. He has published Minor Trips (Minor League Baseball) since 1991. Bob Carson has owned harness horses for more than a decade, including a stint as a weekend trainer. He lives in Strongsville, Ohio, with his wife, Sue, and daughter, Katie.
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