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Rule 1, Section 3
October 8, 2009 - by Nicole Kraft, USTA communications director

END93 asks:

Where would one find additional information on Article 1 Section 3(a) of the bylaws? It is constantly referenced in the weekly rulings.

Answer: Article 1, Section 3 appears in the USTA Rule Book and reads as follows:

Section 3. Rejection of Application for or Revocation of Membership.— (a) The President of the Association may reject the application of any applicant who fails to comply with the requirements for membership herein specified; or whose experience, character or general fitness are such that the participation of such person in harness racing will not be consistent with the best interest of the sport or whose membership would be detrimental to or reflect adversely or unfavorably on harness racing or upon the Association. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the President may reject an application if he shall find that the applicant if an individual, or if a corporation, any officer, director, manager or executive employee thereof:
(1) has been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude;
(2) has engaged in bookmaking, touting or other forms of illegal gambling, or has been a partner of, agent for, or habitual associate of bookmakers, illegal gamblers, racketeers or known criminals;
(3) has failed to comply with the bylaws, rules and regulations of this Association;
(4) makes or has made a false or misleading statement in or in connection with any application for membership or any other proceeding before any board, committee or official of the Association, or fails properly to furnish information requested to supplement such application. Where criminal proceedings are pending which may result in disqualification under Sub-Section (1) of this Sub-Division, the President may suspend action on an application for membership until final judgment in such criminal proceedings.

You may view the USTA Rule Book in its entirety at www.ustrotting.com/pdf/USTARuleBook.pdf

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