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Chocolate Sundae, 40, dies
Monday, August 28, 2017 - from the USTA Communications Department

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Freehold, NJ---Chocolate Sundae, born on March 20, 1977, in Cumberland, Maine, died on Aug. 27, 2017. 

At 40 years and five months, she may have been the oldest Standardbred in North America, at least. 

She was owned by her breeder, the late Jim Marston, and lived all of her life at his farm.  The unraced mare had one foal, Easter Sundae (22 races won, $26,154), born on Easter Sunday of 1996 and the two lived out their days together on Marston’s farm.

Easter Sundae helped her dam, deaf in her later years, signaled to her mother and nudged her in to the barn when it was time to go in for feed time.   

In addition to Anita Marston, who survives her husband, and their families, Stephanie and Adam Gray have helped care for the mares in the last few years.

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