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USTA members urged to participate in AHC's Economic Impact Study
Monday, July 17, 2017 - from the USTA Communications Department

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Columbus, OH --- The United States Trotting Association would like to remind all of its members -- in addition to anyone who owns, breeds, races, boards, or rides Standardbred horses -- that the American Horse Council is currently collecting data for its 2017 Economic Impact Study. The deadline is Friday (Aug. 18).

The Economic Impact Study is important to the Standardbred industry for several reasons. It will document the economic effects of racing, showing, recreation, and other segments of the industry on the national economy. It will also provide invaluable demographic data and insights into professions and related industries that are impacted by equine ownership. Moreover, it will allow harness racing to more easily and quantifiable "tell its story" to the public and to legislative bodies.

"Completing the survey is both easy and important to do," said Mike Tanner, the USTA's executive vice president.

"Just go to and follow the directions. Last month, the USTA emailed this link to 12,000 of its members, but please help us spread the word. I cannot overemphasize how vital it is that harness racing be satisfactorily represented in this project."

The American Horse Council was organized in 1969 to represent the horse industry in Washington before Congress and the federal regulatory agencies. It is a non-profit corporation that represents all segments of the equine industry. Three USTA directors -- Marilyn Breuer-Bertera, Don Marean, and Russell Williams -- currently sit on the AHC Board of Trustees.

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