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Statue of Ourasi unveiled at Vincennes
Sunday, June 22, 2014 - by Karsten Bønsdorf, USTA Newsroom Senior Correspondent

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A statue of the legendary French champion trotter, Ourasi was revealed at Vincennes today (June 22).

Photo courtesy of the author
The Ourasi statue made a few stops at famous Paris landmarks on its way to Vincennes; here it is at the l' Arc de Triomphe.

Ourasi, who died last year at age 33, won the Prix d’Amerique a record four times, won a total of 58 races and had earnings of $4.5 million.

The French artist, Arnaud Kasper has made the bronze statue, which earlier this week was transferred to Vincennes.

On the way to Vincennes, the statue was taken by some of the famous landmarks in Paris in order to promote today’s races and the revealing of the statue.

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