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USTA and Converseon release new promotional video
Wednesday, May 21, 2014 - from Converseon

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New York, NY --- As part of the ongoing Social Media industry initiative, the USTA, in partnership with Converseon, has officially released a new promotional video for the sport.

The video was developed over a several week period and utilized a combination of go-pro cameras working with drivers including Yannick Gingras, Ron Pierce, Tim Tetrick and others.

The purpose is to help provide current and potential fans and owners with a greater visceral sense of the power and speed associated with our sport.

This current version is nearly two minutes long. Other shorter and longer versions have also been made available and are, or will be, shown at various racetracks including the Meadows, Hoosier Park, and The Meadowlands, among others, as part of the continuing effort to help repackage the sport through new technology and production approaches to new audiences.

In addition to television broadcasts, the video will be available at Vimeo, YouTube and other online venues. Everyone is encourage to share, pass along and comment with the hashtag #harnessracingFZ or visit

As this is an ongoing journey, the video is the first of a series which will focus on some of the most compelling aspects of harness racing using new forms of production.

We hope you enjoy it.

The video may also be seen by clicking here.

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