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Pandy's Picks: May 3 Meadowlands
Saturday, May 03, 2014 - by Bob Pandolfo

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Pandy's Meadowlands $50,000 Guaranteed Pick 4 with 15% Takeout, Races 7-10, Saturday, May 3, by Bob Pandolfo

Last night, the first night of the Championship Meet, I started the Pick-4 out great with an $11.00 top pick winner, I used two horses in the 8th and had the $6.00 winner. The 9th looked like the toughest race and I did not have Magglio $37.20 on any of my tickets, and I did not have the 10th. Meet totals: 1 play - $56.00. Whale ticket: 1 play - $80.00.

 For the winter meet, I had one hit  for $1144.50 on the Whale Ticket and no winners on the standard tickets. Winter Meet totals: 44 plays, 0 hits - $1236.00. Whale Ticket: 17 plays, 1 hit, - $2938.50

Standard ticket: $0.50 cent play: 13710/15710/38/256 = $48.00


Race 7:  Odds On Equuleus returns off solid qualifiers but I don't think he's a lock. I'm using all four of my contenders.

Race 8: This Dash For The C Notes Final is so wide open that almost every horse has a shot. I'm using all four of my contenders.  

Race 9: I'm going to try two here, Roar, who is second off the layoff, and Twincreeks Jesse, who is taking a key drop.

Race 10: Sir Melo's Z Tam had some pace from a tough spot at Yonkers and has raced well at this level here. Stallone Blue Chip drops to a level where he has won. Bolero Andrew also takes a key drop.

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