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Meadowlands announces format for Drivers Challenge
Friday, March 21, 2014 - From Meadowlands Media Relations

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East Rutherford, NJ --- Saturday, March 22 will begin the six week long, Legends vs. Phenoms Drivers Challenge.  Each race on the next five Saturday programs will be a part of the Challenge, with the following format.


The driver with the most points accumulated for each team will win a $2,000 bonus.

Points are accrued as follows:


o   Win        -              10 points

o   2nd          -              9 points

o   3rd           -              8 points

o   4th           -              7 points

o   5th           -              6 points

o   6th           -              5 points

o   7th           -              4 points

o   8th           -              3 points

o   9th           -              2 points

o   10th-12th   -             1 point


On the sixth Saturday, April 26, the top 5 point earners for The Legends and the top 5 point earners for The Phenoms from the first five weeks will qualify for the Final, where the overall winner will win $15,000, the runner-up will receive $5,000, third place will receive $3,000 and fourth through tenth will each receive $1,000.


For purposes of this coming Saturday, March 22, the drivers will be divided as follows:


Legends: Dave Miller, Andy Miller, Jody Jamieson and Jim Morrill Jr.

Phenoms: Scott Zeron, Tony Hall, Tyler Smith, Joe Bongiorno, Jim Meittinis, Vincent Ginsburg , Jim Marohn Jr., Steve Smtih, Eric Abbatiello and all other drivers on the card.


The Drivers Challenge will take place each Saturday through April 26.


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