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Barre wins WHHC March qualifier
Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - from the Meadowlands Media Relations Department

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East Rutherford, NJ --- Joe Barre, of Waretown, N.J., won the Meadowlands Racetrack’s March WHHC Qualifier held on March 15.

Barre captured first place with a big score in the final race of the night. He bet his remaining bankroll of $145 on Big Art in race 13, ending his night with a $632.10 score.

His win earned him $1,360 and an $800 seat in the World Harness Handicapping Championship to be held on April 19 at the Meadowlands Racetrack.

Buy-in entries for $800 are now available for the World Harness Handicapping Championship. The WHHC is a one-day tournament, with a welcome reception the evening prior.

The WHHC contest format requires players to bet 10 races: their choice of seven Meadowlands races, plus three designated mandatory races from partner tracks. Players keep all pari-mutuel winnings. Prize payouts are to the Top 10, with an estimated prize pool of $50,000.

Click here for complete details and to download the finals brochure.

Tournament Standings–March 15, 2014
1-Joe Barre-$632.10-$1,360 (plus $800 WHHC seat)
2-Daniel Hopkins-$567.60-$680
3-Russell Nash-$559-$510
4-Kel Kern-$501-$340
5-Nick Montemurro-$480-$170
6-Joe Citro-$410-$68
7-Peter Jahera-$400-$68
8-Glenn Febbo-$320-$68
9-Herb Dicker-$311-$68
10-Joe Pavlica, Jr.-$301-$68

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