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Wrenn takes lead among Northfield drivers
Wednesday, March 12, 2014 - by Ayers Ratliff, Northfield Park Publicity Department

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Northfield, OH --- Ronnie Wrenn, Jr. had more wins than any driver in North America last year, however 2014 started much differently.

He did not drive his first race this year until Jan. 27, due to a wrist surgery at The Ohio State University Medical Center. Since returning, Wrenn has been stacking up wins at an expeditious rate.

On Tuesday (March 11) Wrenn took the lead in the Northfield Park driver standings, passing Josh Sutton, who had led the Cleveland reinsmen since Jan. 2. Wrenn has driven 77 local winners so far this year, six more than Sutton. Aaron Merriman (57), David Lake (37) and Robin Miller (37) complete the top five.

Wrenn keeps a busy schedule and often drives at other venues on days that Northfield does not race. All together, he has piloted 102 victories, ranking him as the continent’s fifth winningest driver in 2014. Only Corey Callahan (138), Aaron Merriman (117), Ron Pierce (109) and Dave Palone (106) have posted more wins this year than Wrenn.

Calvin Hollar tops Northfield’s training ranks by posting 25 wins over the Flying Turns. David Lake (18), Don Pfister (14), Harla Renae Loney (14), Keith Kash, Jr. (13) and Barry Langley (13) are among Cleveland’s leading conditioners.

Hollar, 53, currently trains a stable of 23 horses. If his stable continues to rack up victories, he would secure his first training title.

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