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Not-So Presidential Pace nearly a go at Monticello
Thursday, January 30, 2014 - by John Manzi, publicity director, Monticello Raceway

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Monticello, NY --- If all who say they are coming do so, Monticello Raceway is currently just one driver short of having an eight horse field for its Not-So Presidential Pace on Presidents' Day (Feb. 17).

“To recap; eligible drivers are those whose surnames are the same as former U.S. Presidents,” noted Eric Warner, Monticello Raceway's director of racing. “With a possible, or maybe probable, seven saying that they want to drive in our race we’ll have a contest, although I’d really like to have eight in the race.”

Those who expressed desire to compete include local drivers Cedric and Dennis “George” Washington, along with Howard “Zachary” Taylor, Allan “Lyndon” Johnson, Scott “Zachary” Taylor, George “James K.” Polk, Jr., along with Don “Herbert” Hoover, the former driver who is now the racing secretary at Saratoga Raceway.

“I know there are more drivers with presidential names who could join us including the many Jacksons, Johnsons, Grants, Kennedys and Wilsons with licenses,” Warner added.

However, should anyone with a presidential surname like to join the race, he or she is urged to contact Warner in the race office at the Mighty M by calling 845.794.4100, ext. 557; or they can contact the track's publicity office at ext. 455.

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