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Roosevelt Raceway book started
Tuesday, January 14, 2014 - by Ted Black

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Pompano Beach, FL --- Best selling author Victoria Howard and horsemen Billy Haughton, Jr. and Freddie Hudson have all agreed to collaborate on the first book about the beloved Roosevelt Raceway, that in its day was the world capital of harness racing.

During its 48 years (1940-1988) of operation the track was noted for having the best drivers, trainers and horses in the industry. World renowned drivers such as Billy Haughton, Stanley Dancer, George Sholty, Lucien Fontaine, Carmine Abbatiello and Del Insko, just to name a few, all based their racing operations at Roosevelt Raceway.

During its zenith, record crowds of more than 50,000 fans would attend the New York half-mile track that was the innovator of night-time racing and introduced the mobile starting gate.

The track was known as being immensely competitive, often boasting finishes where a half-length separated the winner from the last-place finisher.

Roosevelt's International Trot was also world renowned.

The book about Roosevelt Raceway is long overdue. In this book the authors hope to recapture the excitement of Roosevelt Raceway for all to enjoy and to relive the experience of what many racing participants took for granted.

Freddie Hudson and Billy Haughton, Jr. bring to the project a wealth of knowledge and information from inside one of harness racing's legendary racing families and Howard has both the experience as a horse owner and author to launch this book onto the world-wide stage.

The anticipated release date is not confirmed, but tentatively scheduled for the Fall of 2014, with updates on its progress being announced along the way.

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