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Monticello seeks drivers for Presidents' Day Pace
Monday, January 13, 2014 - by John Manzi, publicity director, Monticello Raceway

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Monticello, NY --- Since Monticello Raceway has added Presidents' Day (Feb. 17) to its live racing schedule the track is looking to feature a race for drivers who have presidential surnames.

“According to David Carr of the United States Trotting Association, there are at least 70 drivers who are possible entrants and that doesn’t include trainers who have licenses but don’t drive regularly,” noted Eric Warner, the Mighty M’s director of racing.

“Actually the first driver that comes to mind with a presidential name is Hall of Famer Ron Pierce, but it might be a task getting Ron to come that day.

“But we have two local drivers, Cedric Washington and his brother Dennis Washington, who fit the criteria, but even so, that still leaves us a long way from a full field.”

Possible entrants who wouldn’t have too far to travel to Monticello could be Tom Jackson, Mark Ford, Allan Johnson, Freddie Grant, Howard Taylor, Scott Taylor and George Polk, Jr. to mention a few.

“Don’t forget Saratoga Raceway racing secretary Don Hoover,” Warner added. “He still drives occasionally.”

Any driver who fits the criteria of having a presidential surname and who would like to have more information, or possibly enter in the “Not Quite Presidential” Pace on Feb. 17, Presidents' Day, is urged to contact Warner in the race office by calling 845.794.4100, ext. 557; or they can contact the track's publicity office at ext. 455.

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