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Treskool du Caux wins the final in trotting's Tour de France
Monday, December 02, 2013 - by Karsten Bønsdorf, USTA Newsroom Senior Correspondent

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The Grand National du Trot, which could be named the Tour de France of trotting, ended Sunday afternoon (Dec. 1) as the final was raced at Vincennes.

The final, which carried a total purse of $200,000, was won by the 6-year-old Treskool du Caux, driven by Franck Nivard. Treskool du Caux was in command after the first quarter and stayed on to win handily in the 1-3/4 mile event in 1:59.3 (mile rate).

Treskool du Caux is trained by well known Fabrice Souloy, who also trained the sire of Treskool du Caux, Kool du Caux, but Souloy has had Treskool du Caux in his stable only a couple of months.

Treskool du Caux could be a horse for the Prix d’Amerique.

The Grand National du Trot is a series that consists of 12 eliminations raced at tracks all over France and a final raced at Vincennes. Besides the purses in the eliminations, trainers and drivers collect points against prices, which are paid out after the final. The overall winning trainer got $20,000, while the overall winning driver got a special and expensive camera.

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