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USTA’s John Pawlak has surgeries
Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - by Dan Leary, USTA director of marketing and communications

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Columbus, OH --- On Friday evening (Oct. 18), USTA Marketing Director John Pawlak underwent surgery at Mt. Carmel East Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, to have a brain tumor removed.

While subsequent testing found that the tumor was benign, post-operative swelling required Pawlak to have additional surgery on Monday (Oct. 21).

According to his wife, Kris, Pawlak has been sedated and is resting comfortably but has a long recovery ahead of him.

Since Pawlak is unable to receive gifts and cards in the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital, it is suggested that they be sent to the USTA offices at 750 Michigan Ave., Columbus, OH 43215 and they will be forwarded to the Pawlaks.

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