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Winbak Farm Yearling Manager James Ladwig turns driver
Thursday, March 28, 2013 - by Elizabeth Lewis-House, public relations, Winbak Farm

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Chesapeake City, MD --- On Saturday (March 23), the biggest horses at Winbak Farm were on display for the local community to see. The gentle giants, a team of Clydesdale geldings, were in the local St. Patrick's Day parade, which had been delayed a weekend due to weather.

Driving the team was James Ladwig, better known for his occupation as a yearling manager at the second leading Standardbred breeding farm in North America. In the last year, the Clydesdales have become a major part of Ladwig’s daily work routine.

Adelma Gregory/The Cecil Whig photo
James Ladwig drives the team of Clydesdale geldings in the local St. Patrick's Day parade.
“We take them out about five days a week to keep them in shape, weather permitting,” said Ladwig.

Ladwig and Winbak Farm manager Garrett Bell found the team after a lengthy search.

“Mrs. Thomson has always wanted a pair of Clydesdales. I found them on the internet in Indiana. It was a package deal; horses, harness, wagon and trailer,” said Bell.

The idea behind buying the easy-going team of geldings, named Cracker Jack and Diesel, was to give a special touch to the several tours that Winbak Farm conducts each year.

“Cracker Jack and Diesel are very kind and gentle,” said Ladwig. “They are a great way to enjoy a tour of Winbak Farm.”

The average horse weighs 1,100 pounds and typically consumes 10 to 15 pounds of hay, five pounds of grain, and drinks six to eight gallons of water per day. The appetite of the team is, as expected, much larger than the average sized horse at Winbak Farm. Just how big is the team?

“The Clydesdales are about 18 hands each and weigh 1,900 pounds,” said Ladwig. “Each day they eat 30 to 40 pounds of hay, 15 pounds of grain and they drink 30 to 40 gallons of water.”

Look for the team in upcoming local festivities.

“This was their first parade for us and they did great,” said Ladwig. “We look forward to doing many more.”

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