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Enroll your mare in the Ontario Resident Mare Program
Thursday, March 28, 2013 - by Karen Hauver, OSS Administration Coordinator

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Toronto, ON --- For a Standardbred foal to be recognized as Ontario bred, mare owners are reminded that the 2013 mare enrollment form must be received at Standardbred Canada before the mare foals.

The 2013 Mare Enrollment forms were made available on the Ontario Racing Commission website earlier this month. However, the ORC recognizes that some owners whose mares foaled early may not have been aware that the forms were available in time to have them
enrolled before the foal was born.

Therefore, for any 2013 foals born before April 30 the ORC is announcing an exception to the requirement to be enrolled prior to foaling. Owners of mares foaling on or before April 30 will have until that date to have their mares enrolled in the program. All mares foaling after April 30, 2013, must be enrolled before the foal is born.

To qualify as an Ontario Resident Mare, a mare must be resident in the province of Ontario for 180 consecutive days surrounding the date of foaling in Ontario. Offspring of Ontario Resident Mares will be eligible to be registered as Ontario bred horses, and will then be eligible for incentives attached to their Ontario bred status.

The Mare Enrollment Form is being mailed to breeders and is also available for viewing and downloading from the ORC website at:
Standardbred Ontario Resident Mare/Mare Enrollment.

On behalf of the ORC, Standardbred Canada provides administrative services in support of the Ontario Resident Mare Program and can be contacted for more information at: Standardbred Canada, Attention: Ontario Resident Mare Program, 1-2150 Meadowvale Blvd.,  Mississauga, Ontario L5N 6R6; phone: 905.858.3060; fax: 905.858.3111; e-mail:

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