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Armbro Goal, 28, dies
Wednesday, February 20, 2013 - by Karsten Bonsdorf, USTA web newsroom correspondent

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Just hours after the news arrived that Workaholic died in France, the message came from Denmark that Armbro Goal has died at age 28.

Armbro Goal was raised and bred by Armstrong Brothers and was campaigned by Continental Farms Stable. He won the 1988 Hambletonian, Canadian Trotting Classic, Beacon Course and World Trotting Derby.

He raced 13 times as a 3-year-old, winning 11 races and finishing second once. He earned $1.31 million that year.

Armbro Goal was syndicated and went to stud at Castleton Farm and between his many fine foals he sired two winners of the Hambletonian Oaks, Winky's Goal and Oolong.

He was also the sire of the very popular FFA trotter Fool's Goal 1:51.3 ($3,057,070) and Legendary Lover K, who in 2002 won the European Grand Circuit and now is at stud in Italy and Denmark.

Armbro Goal was sold to Italy, where he was at stud at the world renowned Orsi Mangelli Stud, but since 2009 he has been in Denmark.

His last foals were born in 2012 in Denmark.

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