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Hanover offers 39 yearlings for purchase online
Tuesday, February 12, 2013 - from Hanover Shoe Farms

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Hanover, PA --- Jim Simpson, the president of the world's leading breeder Hanover Shoe Farms, has announced that 39 yearlings from Hanover's 2013 crop will be available for online purchase via the Farm's website

When asked about the motivation for this innovative manner of selling some of this year's crop, Simpson replied, "We have a very large crop and we were looking to a manner of selling some using today's technology. In addition to these 39, we will be selling 28 yearlings at the Lexington Selected Sale in September and another 220 at the Harrisburg select sale in November."

Each and every one of them possesses enough family to turn out to be a quality racehorse and quite possibly a 2- or 3-year-old stakes candidate. They have been raised together with and in the same manner as the rest of our yearling crop. We believe that they are all fairly priced relative to current market conditions.

To access the Hanover website for extended pedigrees, prices and further information, go to

For further information, contact Dr. Bridgette Jablonsky at or call 717.578.7395.

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