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USTA District 1 members meet in Columbus; new Directors elected
Tuesday, January 22, 2013 - by T.C. Lane, the U.S. Trotting Association

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Columbus, OH --- The members of USTA District 1 gathered at the Marriott Northwest in Columbus, Ohio, for their annual meeting on Saturday (Jan. 19).

District Chairman Dick Brandt introduced T.C. Lane, USTA Director of Registry and Member Services, who reported on Association activities for the year and Brandt followed up by leading the discussion for the proposed rule changes for 2013. Those at the meeting took the following votes:

Proposal #1 (Bonus Earnings): Reject
Proposal #2 (Race Numbering): Reject
Proposal #3 (Prohibition of Same Day Fair Entries): Approve
Proposal #4 (Provisional Driver Preferences): Reject
Proposal #5 (Matinee License Minimum Age): Approve, with amendment recommended proposal to changing to age 14 instead of 16 as the current proposal requests.
Proposal #6 (Timing In Hundredths): Reject
Proposal #7 (Pleasure Horse Registration Language): Approve
Proposal #8 (Standard of Conduct Language): Approve, with amendment.
Proposal #9 (DNA Verification Requirement for Sales): Reject
Proposal #10 (Appeals to Full Board): Reject
Proposal #11 (Animal Cruelty Mandatory Ban): Reject

In addition, ballots were cast in a track director election, in which Stacy Cahill, General Manager of Racing Operations for Scioto Downs and Dave Bianconi, Executive Vice President of Racing and Simulcasting for Northfield Park, were newly elected to serve a three year term on the USTA board of directors.

Cahill and Bianconi will replace Brock Milstein from Northfield Park and John Carlo of Lebanon Raceway.

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