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USTA releases 2012 national wagering and purse figures
Thursday, January 03, 2013 - by Dan Leary, USTA director of marketing and communications

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Columbus, OH --- The United States Trotting Association released on Thursday the year-end, national handle totals for pari-mutuel wagering in the United States and Canada on live U.S. harness racing as well as for U.S. purse distribution, race days and races in 2012.

Total handle on U.S. harness racing in 2012 was $1,465,008,667 for 4,004 race days, an average of $365,886 per race day.

In 2012, there were a total of 46,771 races that awarded purse money. Of those, 40,501 races took pari-mutuel wagering and had an average handle of $36,172 per race. The 6,270 races that didn’t accept wagering were comprised of non-wagering county fair races as well as pari-mutuel races contested for purse only.

During the year, purses distributed on the 46,771 total races was $405,567,739, for an average of $8,761 per race, while the average purse for each of the 40,501 pari-mutuel races was $9,260.

2012 Harness Racing Wagering and Purses

Wagering Avg.

Avg.Purse per Race


*Total Wagering



Total Race Days




Total Races w/pari-mutuel wagering




**Total Races



Total Purses - pari-mutuel only




Total Purses - all races





* Total Wagering includes commingled wagering from both the U.S. and Canada on U.S. tracks’ live racing.
** Total Races includes both pari-mutuel and non-wagering races in which purse money was distributed.

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