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Rare white colt meets the press
Tuesday, May 22, 2012 - by Ellen Harvey

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Cream Ridge, NJ--A 16-day-old white Standardbred colt, the first born of bay parents in North America since Historicallyunique was born in Ontario in 1998, met the press today at his home at Fair Winds Farm in New Jersey. 

USTA/Ken Weingartner photo
The rare white Standardbred colt frolicked with his dam, Coochie Mama, for local news cameras.

The son of Art Major-Coochie Mama bucked, squealed and alternately paced and ran alongside his dam as cameras rolled.  

Fair Winds, in Cream Ridge, is located roughly halfway between New York and Philadelphia, and there was media on hand from both cities. The ABC affiliate in Philadelphia sent a crew, as did the CBS affiliate in New York City and Trenton, NJ-based WZBN.

The New York Daily News sent a photographer and the colt, whose white coat is sprinkled with red hair between his ears and on his mane, is likely related to a genetic mutation, is expected to be featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer’s science section on May 28.  

USTA/Ken Weingartner photo
The colt's owner, Pete Congliose, said he would consider any name suggestions sent to

The colt is owned by Pete Congilose of Toms River, N.J. Congilose said he has not yet settled on a name. 

“I have some in mind, but I am open to suggestions,” he said. “I’ve had ideas from all over, including my family.” 

Those who’d like to make a suggestion can email and all suggestions will be forwarded to Congilose for consideration. 

Farm manager Matt Gartland said he was alarmed to get a phone call at about midnight on May 6, the day the colt was born, from night watchman Dan Conger. 

“When you get a call like that, you move first and think later,” said Gartland. "I was grabbing my keys and my pants and running for the door when Dan said, ‘She had the foal – and it’s white!”

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