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Team North America wins World Trotting Master
Thursday, December 13, 2007 - by John Pawlak, marketing director, USTA

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Columbus, OH --- Team North America, comprised of Michel Lachance, Jody Jamieson, and Yannick Gingras, repelled a final round challenge and won the World Trotting Master, a driving contest conducted in Italy among three-driver teams from that country, other European countries and North America.

The North American team won only one race and finished third among the three teams in Wednesday’s (Dec. 12) four races at Ippodromo Sant’Artemio in Treviso, Italy -- Yannick Gingras won the third of three races -- and the host Italians were the top team in the final round. The European team, led on Wednesday by Sweden’s Jörgen Sjunnesson, who won races two and four on Wednesday, also made a valiant late bid for the title.

The final team standings had North America on top with 98 points. The Italians finished second with 83 points and the European team scored 82 points. Scoring was done on a 10-5-3-2-1 basis in each of the 20 heats, with two points given if a horse was scratched.

In terms of individual honors, Sjunnesson won three of the 20 heats, and Gingras and each of the three Italian drivers, Roberto Andreghetti, Pietro Gubellini, and Roberto Vecchione, won two races during the tournament.

"Everybody had a great time, and the mood was especially jubilant today with the return of (the kidnapped Italian trotter) Equinox Bi," Yannick Gingras said in a post-tournament phone conversation with Meadowlands publicity director Amy Silver.

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