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Welcome back On Track! In this month's edition, all about the September issue of Hoof Beats, we
Jim Leary Photo
Jimmy Takter celebrates his Hambletonian victory aboard Trixton on this month's Hoof Beats cover.

 are giving away the digital version of this issue, talk coupled entries with Bob Marks, find out why some inquries take so long, and get a progress report on the Hoof Beats Photo Contest. Enjoy! --TJB


The September issue means it's time for our award-winning Hambletonian feature coverage. There's too much great stuff to repost on the website, but good news for you, anybody can see this issue for free!

Simply log into the USTA Online Services page at http://myaccount.ustrotting.com and the September issue of Hoof Beats Direct, our digital edition, will be right there for you to see. You don't have to be a member of the USTA to use the service, but it sure makes doing business with the Association so much easier.


As top trainers acquire more horses and top-end owners continue to form new partnerships, who owns which horse in any given race is becoming more and more confusing. 

The simple answer is to couple entries, but bettors want more betting interests in each race, not fewer. Bob Marks tackles the issue in his popular Trot Lines column this month. He looks at several sides of the issue, and doesn't hestitate to contribute his astute perceptions on the subject. Click the link to read it right now.


The race ends. The "inquiry" sign flashes. And flashes. And flashes.

What are they doing up there in the judges' stand? Presiding Judge Scott Egger gets this question often, so he decided to share with readers what the judges are doing up there while the toteboard flashes. Read more about it here.


We are about halfway through the entry window for the Hoof Beats Photo Contest, and some of the shots submitted are simply stunning.

"Where are these photos?" you ask? They are all at the Hoof Beats Facebook page. We would love to have included some here, but a fan vote is determining which shots win prizes--and a spot on the cover of the magazine--so we don't want to influence the vote. Go to Facebook and vote on your favorites today!

And there is still plenty of time to enter, too. The entry deadline is Oct. 6.


We hope you enjoyed this issue of On Track from Hoof Beats magazine! Feel free to pass this issue along to friends and check out Hoof Beats magazine On–Line for the latest news from Hoof Beats!

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