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Welcome back On Track! In this edition, all about the July 2014 issue of Hoof Beats, we get an update on the Harness Racing Social Media Initiative and meet a horse and driver that have been setting records for a decade. Plus, we unveil the new Hoof Beats website. Enjoy! --TJB

Start Skating

This newsletter is all about social media, but to read about David Miller and Bill Weaver entering the Hall of Fame, read Hoof Beats Direct at http://myaccount.ustrotting.com.

If we want harness racing to be more popular, we have to make it more popular.

And to do that is easier than ever for everyone to help, thanks to social media. There are powerful tools available to spread the excitement and challenge of harness racing, and now harness racing is working with Converseon, an award-winning social media consultancy, to help us use those tools.

I wrote a "progress report" of the initiative in this month's issue. Mike Tanner, USTA executive vice president and CEO, penned a column that extolled the project's virtues as well.

And what does "Start Skating" mean? It means that there is no "bringing back" harness racing; we have to bring harness racing forward to meet those who might want to experience it--and that is on phones, tablets and computers. As in hockey, we have to "skate to where the puck is going, not to where it has been."

Stacy and Joe

Mighty Young Joe and his trainer-driver, Stacy Chiodo, almost didn't become the record-setting team that they are today.

The pacer was a $4,500 yearling that couldn't pace, but now has rewarded Chiodo's loyalty by making her the fastest female driver several times over. Lauren Lee gets the full story in this month's issue.

New Look

Check out the newer, cleaner, Hoof Beats magazine website.

Coinciding with the new USTA website launch, the new Hoof Beats site was redesigned to better showcase the stories and photos in each month's issue. You can see it at hoofbeatsmagazine.com.

Also, the new ustrotting.com has a new Hoof Beats preview slider bar at the bottom of the page, which brings you the newest stories from the magazine, along with a link to this newsletter!

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