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Welcome back On Track! This month, in the June issue of Hoof Beats, USTA President Phil Langley gives more information on the USTA’s plan for television broadcasts, join the Standardbred Retirement Foundation in their 25th anniversary and celebrate the careers of USTA staffers Carol Cramer and John Pawlak. Enjoy! –TJB

Yes, We Do Care

USTA President Phil Langley explains the USTA’s decision to table the television funding proposal.

It is a continuation of the statement released shortly after the story appeared in Harness Racing Update. Simply put, he wants USTA members and Hoof Beats readers to know that the USTA Executive Committee did not make this decision without first spending hours discussing the pros and cons of the proposal.

Read the column to find out more.

Help the SRF

The Standardbred Retirement Foundation was one of the first organizations to look after the care of harness racehorses once their careers were over. Now they are celebrating a generation of helping horses.

Jane Meggitt got the story of how the SRF got started and the struggles they have faced in their 25 years of existence. They rely solely on donations and proceeds from their online auction and golf outing, so visit adoptahorse.org to help them get funding for the next 25 years.

Congrats, Carol and John

Two of the USTA's finest are entering the Hall of Fame this July.

They are Carol Cramer, USTA Stakes Guide editor, and John Pawlak, USTA publicity director. Both will be inducted into the Communicator's Corner of the Hall of Fame in Goshen, N.Y. Jason Turner talked to this "Pair of Aces" for this month's issue.

I see Carol twice a year: in the spring when she comes in to discuss the Stakes Guide, and at Delaware in the fall. Those who know Carol know her as a tenacious, bombastic personality that has no problem throwing her arm around your shoulder with praise or punching your arm with criticism. My favorite Carol memory is her teetering on top of a ladder, tying up the flaps to the USTA tent during Little Brown Jug week in 2008. Even a little "Hurricane Ike" couldn't keep her from helping out.

As for John, he was a mainstay in this office for the seven years that I have been here. He is busy recovering from some health issues now so he can get to Goshen this summer.

John is a man of routine. Every day at 1 p.m., he would sit in the USTA lunchroom with his salami sandwich and a copy of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Every Wednesday, he would be sure to drop by my office and give me the Food/Style section of the paper and comment on the recipes published within. "Nothing good today," he would say, or "Hope you like steak."

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